Room / Facilities


Room / Facilities

An experience that will leave you breathless: that is what we offer for you in A-Villa Gili Air. Our collection of private villas and private pools, all surrounded within a beautiful green atmosphere for a truly inspired and authentic Lombok ambience is truly one for the bucket list, a unique journey filled with moments and memories that will last you forever. Enjoy a truly relaxing visit with A-Villa Gilli Air, where often the best way to spend the day is just to stay in your room and enjoy a private nest with your special someone.


Private Villa

A-Villa Gili Air features a collection of 8 private Villas, all of which designed with only your comfort and privacy in mind. Our villas are equipped with various modern amenities and facilities such as private pools, spacious kitchens, a romantic bathtub for a lovely bathing experience, a design inspired from Lombok’s traditional house for a more authentic Lombok ambiance, and a refreshing green atmosphere with live trees inside your bedroom for a really unique staying experience.

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Private Pools

Enchanting beach with fantastic Lombok ambience surrounded by a beautiful green atmosphere is always nearby in A-Villa Gili Air, but those who wish for more private sessions of a great swimming experience to complement a fun vacation will be delighted to know, however, that our private villas are also outfitted with personal and private pools, allowing you to more easily refresh and enjoy a relaxing moment just alone and together with your special someone, all in the perfect nest for the perfect couple.

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Spacious Kitchen

Our Villa is also equipped with a ready-to-use kitchen facility for all of your convenient cooking needs and requirements. Standard equipments include cooking stove, dispenser, kitchen cabinet, china wares, cutleries, glass, and all the necessities you require to both cook good food and enjoy them at your own leisure and convenience. It is a little bit of extra, just to make your visit even more special than before.

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