Why AVilla

A-Villa is one of United Hotels Management collection that base in Bandung City, A-Villa that provided the personalize services, comfortable villa and fell an experience that will leave you breathless that is what we offer for you in A-Villa. Our collection of private villas and private pools, all surrounded within a beautiful green atmosphere for a truly inspired and authentic is our uniques suach as we have a villa in Gili Air, Lombok and Ubud,  Bali  ambience is truly one for the bucket list, a unique journey filled with moments and memories that will last you forever. Enjoy a truly relaxing visit with A-Villa where often the best way to spend the day is just to stay in your room and enjoy a family or  private nest with your special someone.

Unique Staying Experience

Our Villas are equipped with modern amenities and comfort designed to make an enjoyable stay, all of which are supported by trained staff that are always at the ready to serve all your needs and requirements. 

Favorite Location of Travelers

Our A villa location is allowing you easy access towards many venues and locations that promise to make your leisure and honey moon

Memorable Moments

A-Villa is where you can enjoy quality accommodations to complement your place to visit for  sight-seeing, leisure, or honeymoon visits.

Highly Competitive and Attractive Rates

Offering Attractive rates perfect for guests of all stripes and a fun, fresh, and friendly Villa experience that everyone looking for great value offers that are suitable for their budgets can book and enjoy. 


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